Liane + JC

Its been a season of absolutely amazing weddings, couples and celebrations. We love working with people who love what we do and how we do it. Liane and JC was an absolute joy to work with, and we are so honored that they chose us to film their special day. Every wedding offers something unique and different, this one blew us away. Yes the decor and flowers were out of this world, but the feeling of love that took shape in this day, was tangible and incomparable. Liane is a bubble of sweetness, her laugh is contagious and JC truly is her perfect match. Their obsession with one another was really the one thing that stood out the most. Their wedding took place at the 5 star boutique hotel and venue, Morrells in Johannesburg and the photography was done by Christiaan David. We are so proud to share this video with you guys and thank you for treating us with such respect and making us part of your special day.

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