Jeanne + Brink

A wedding is an occasion where family and friends come together. This wedding was very special to us as Brink is a very close friend of ours. In fact, the entire Van Zyl family is very special to us. Brink was the last one in line to get married and wow, did he and Jeanne pull this off! The wedding was spectacular from finish to start and the speeches were heart warming. You could feel how much those two are loved by their family and friends. Brink is the most charming guy you will ever meet, and he makes Ashton Kutcher look bad :) Jeanne is the life of the party and let’s face it, she is beautiful! The wedding was held at Zandvliet Estate, Jeanne’s parents wine farm. Needless to say it was magnificent. The decor was done by Hanli Smuts and close family friends. It was so amazing to work with Wendy from ArtPhoto,  her work is simply incredible. We can go and on, this wedding was simply spectacular!

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