Sofia + Pascal

The first moment we met Sofia, we knew what was coming our way, one fabulous affair! Sofia was a to the T bride and did not miss a beat of her own wedding. A first for the Hauke team was filming at the brand new Maslow Hotel in Sandton. This modern, upscale business hotel was the perfect venue for this couple. Both Sofia and Pascal are both professional Recruiters and met through their profession. From the first meeting Sofia told us that her favorite song is Lady in Red, and to her surprise, Pascal sang exactly that song for her at their wedding, which was really a precious moment. The photography was done by no one other than the Splendid Productions team. Who did an absolutely amazing job! The event was amazingly planned by Red in Paris! The beautiful make up was done by Dandily Studio! Well Sofia and Pascal, thanks for making us part of your day, we loved being part of it!

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