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Mishka + Nasroodean

Civic Centre

The Hauke Team is blessed with amazing couples and especially beautiful brides. Mishka is definitely on the top of the list of the most beautiful brides we have every filmed. Her striking eyes simply make her look like a Hollywood celebrity. Our team was thrilled to work with Mario Sales, one of the top photographers...

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Victor + Tammy

Summer Place

Tammy and Victor knew how to get married in style, from the décor to the cuisine – everything was simply the best! The venue, Summerplace, once again showed us how it can be transformed to accommodate formal and elegant special occasions. The setup was of the most prestigious that we have seen there. The couple...

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Seleme + Ditshego

Red Ivory

Regal, royalty, glam and style …The wedding of Seleme and Ditshego pushed boundaries, exceeded limits and set new standards. It was simply spectacular. Ditshego conveys beauty in every sense of the word, and the camera could not get enough of her. Seleme himself is a good looking man and together they presented power shots! The...

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Lance + Dana


A Jewsish Spectacular…Lance and Dana, or as referred to by the Hauke team as the ‘Hottest couple of the season’, invited Hauke to be part of their Jewish celebration! Simply, cool, sleek, smooth and awesome! The perfect words to describe this lovely couple. Lance and Dana are completely addicted to each other and their chemistry...

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Ludwick + Janette

Palala Game Resort

The African landscape has not yet experienced a wedding this spectacular! From the moment the Hauke team left Pretoria for the African wildlife and adventure we could not believe our eyes. Janette and Ludwick dreamt big when they started planning their wedding and this courageous bride would not be happy with anything less. The couple...

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Andre + Misty


This wedding was very special to the entire Hauke Team, as Andre is a partner at Studio on Club with us and Misty has become as good as a friend as Mr. Andre M Photography. This wedding had everything a perfect day should include. Emotional moments, awesome activities, the coolest crowd and a location to...

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