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Daniel + Kezia

Shepstone Gardens

There is an obsession that comes with being in love. The obsession with one another, to know one another and to be with one another. At the wedding of Kezia and Daniel we were mesmerised by this exact emotion between these two. Daniel smiled from ear to ear and he could not stop telling Kezia...

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Mamedupi + Halekopane

Red Ivory

Wedding season kicked off with a stunning wedding by Splendid Wedding Company, the wedding of Mamedupi and Halekopane at Red Ivory. A wedding crafted with sophistication, which delivered the most spectacular event of the season. It was an overflow of flowers, flowers and more flowers. The incredible work of Eve Poplett. Mamedupi was extremely relaxed on...

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Thomas + Katlego

Oxbow Country Estate

The Hauke Team is having such an amazing wedding season with one wonderful couple after the other. Thomas and Katlego are truly incredible and we felt so honoured filming their very special day. We have seen a lot of brides in wedding dresses, but Katlego took the bridal look to the next level. Wow, she...

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Bianca + Nicholas

Wits University

St Johns is a very prestigious and highly recommended private school for boys in Houghton Johannesburg. The school is known for delivering men of excellence and we recently had the opportunity to film the wedding of Nick and Bianca at this lovely school. Nick being an old St Johns man himself. The patriotism Nick has...

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Catherine + Ryan

Toadbury Hall

In our time being wedding film makers, we have never met a bride who smiled with so much confidence. May I add, an affectionate smile. She smiled when she was a little nervous, she smiled when she was getting emotional, she smiled when she was excited…Catherine smiled through out her whole wedding day. This is...

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Howard + Megan

Houghton Estate

The Jewish culture is one of support, friendship and camaraderie. Every time that we, as Hauke, get the opportunity to film a Jewish wedding, we are overwhelmed by their respect, sincerity and gratitude. That being said, we love Jewish weddings! Megan and Howard kept their wedding close to home and got married in Megan’s parents...

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