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Avni & Amish | Summer Place

At Hauke we recently made two very good friends, two of the busiest yet inspiring photographers you will ever meet. That is of course the husband-and-wife team from Designer Photo. When Avni and Amish’s wedding day arrived we packed our bags and left for the beautiful Summer Place in Sandton. We love filming Indian weddings, […]

Stacey and Darren | Killarney Country Club

Harei ‘at mekudeshet li, betaba’at zo, kedat Modshe v’Yisrael. These words are so significant to Jewish weddings. “Behold, you are consecrated to me by this ring, according to the ritual of Moses and Isreal”. These were the exact words that Darren used to commit himself to Stacey, he promised to always be by her side […]

Johan + Kimberley | Lourensford

Johan is an old friend of Hauke and we couldn’t wait to capture Johan & Kimberly’s very special day. It was a big gathering of friends and that made it even more special for us that we could be part of this event. Wow, Kimberly looked as if she stepped out of a bridal, fashion […]

Tamalin & Jude | Lourensford

The moment we met Tamalin at Wedding Concepts’s office we knew that this wedding was going to be amazing. Needless to say, Tamalin is gorgeous and her amazing personality ticked all the boxes for a flagship wedding. Having our friends from Wedding Concepts organise the event meant a recipe for success. The day could not […]

Sofia + Pascal | The Maslow Hotel

The first moment we met Sofia, we knew what was coming our way, one fabulous affair! Sofia was a to the T bride and did not miss a beat of her own wedding. A first for the Hauke team was filming at the brand new Maslow Hotel in Sandton. This modern, upscale business hotel was […]

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